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Customer Service is Always a Safe Bet

Over the years, we have done all that we can to ensure success for not just our PawnMaster users, but non-PawnMaster members of the industry as well. About seven years ago, we reformatted our focus and really brought collaboration and education to the forefront. Since making this change, we built out informational sites and resources like this blog and, as well as providing industry-wide information through our social media channels.  We’re known in the our industry as the first vendor to solve real problems with substance rather than promoting fluff. That’s why we recently entered into a  partnership with Podium, a collaboration which will bring another level of education and service to the industry as a whole, while addressing some real issues that affect businesses of any size. Working with new people, companies and technology is one part of what we do but we also stay very close to our own community within our industry.

5 Helpful Hints for Pawnbrokers - Volume 6



1. This is NOT your Grandpa's old pawn shop! We must have an outstanding customer experience!  Make it lively with upbeat music, smiling faces, etc.  Also, give away bottled water and/or popcorn.  Think about your shop from a "millenial's" perspective and make sure the experience is one that will bring them back because it is fun to be in your shop(s).

5 Helpful Hints for Pawnbrokers - Volume 5



1. Clean your customer’s jewelry…for free! Nothing gets a conversation started with a customer faster and smarter than, “Ma’am, would you like to me clean that ring for you?” – especially a jewelry customer.  It costs next to nothing, creates an avenue for discussion and virtually guarantees a satisfied customer – even if he/she doesn’t buy anything that trip.  Get the customer’s name/email/cell # and, for PM customers, use the want list feature available, and watch the sales roll in.  That’s a permanent customer.

5 Helpful Hints for Pawnbrokers - Volume 4


5 Helpful Hints for Pawnbrokers - Volume 3


5 Helpful Hints for Pawnbrokers - Volume 2


5 Helpful Hints for Pawnbrokers - Volume 1


1. All TV’s on the sales floor are turned on. Two factors sell nearly all TV’s… Price and picture.  There is virtually no chance a TV that isn’t on will generate much interest from customers. Older TV’s may sometimes have a great picture and, hopefully, be affordable to someone with a small budget. Even poorer pictures can sometimes be enhanced by attaching a Blu-Ray player. Still, go back to rule one… Turn it on!

Make More Money Using Your PawnMaster Data: Inventory Report

Does your shop carry any accessory items to upsell and complement other items in your shop? You know, things like alkaline batteries, phone chargers, guitar strings or ammunition? If you do then I hope you utilize PawnMaster to set reorder levels on those items by entering a max quantity of at least 1 or more. When you do this regularly, you can run Inventory report #4 “Inventory Re-orders-Primary Vendor” and know what needs to be ordered. Easy! 

BONUS TIP:  Those accessory items also have UPC barcodes printed on the packaging. PawnMaster cross-references those UPCs on the sales screen if you entered it when the item was added to your inventory. In other words, you don’t need to print labels for items that you sell that have preprinted barcodes on them.

Facebook Dark Posts - a Great Way to Sell Jewelry

Facebook Dark Posts are the Cheapest, Best Form of Direct Marketing Available Today!
We all know that Facebook has a gazillion users. The average American spends 49 minutes a day on Facebook. Because of that we should be using it for our marketing. What I want to share with you is why this is a kick-ass  opportunity!

A Simple Breakdown of PawnMaster's Customer Snapshot

Working in PawnMaster day to day we mostly write loans, take payments and make sales. Usually, we look at the customer snapshot as a matter of habit to make decisions at the counter without giving it much thought. Let’s dig a little deeper to  break down the data we are looking at and possibly discover a trick or two along the way.

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