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When "Plan A" is Dead


How much does it cost you when Plan A fails and you are left to figure out how to recover if a vendor goes out of business or a new regulation is enforced? What is your Plan B? 

For many customers in our industry, Plan B was making sure Plan A works, especially when it comes to relying on vendors. As we have seen in 2016, the pawn industry has experienced some unsettling events. With new compliance regulations and new legislations, vendors going out of business or being taken over, you want to make sure your vendors are in your corner to help you keep your business running smoothly. 

Police ask, PawnMaster delivers!

When the Police say they want help collecting more information most Pawnbrokers feel this is going to be more of a chore and take more time. Some would agree, but those elite Pawnbrokers who use PawnMaster pawn shop software would likely disagree. PawnMaster collects all of the data required for law enforcement agencies and then some. PawnMaster integrates with biometric fingerprint scanners that help clerks practically automate the process for them. With a few clicks of the button they can record fingerprints and update customers profile pictures in seconds. Those police files are then sent over in the format of preference to law enforcement including item description, pictures, etc. PawnMaster helps protect shop owners every way possible.

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