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Vincent Chiappone Appointed to Director of Customer Success & Logistics

Posted on 15 Jun 2021

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Data Age Business Systems, developer of PawnMaster, the industry-leading pawn management software, is pleased to announce the onboarding of Vincent Chiappone as Director of Customer Success and Logistics.

Vincent’s career started out in wireless and mobile applications and escalated to having varying degrees of sales and operational responsibilities in print and electronic media, manufacturing, construction, and consulting in medical billing and security services. His desire to dive into the software industries led him to Data Age Business Systems today. “We were impressed by Vincent’s diverse background and accomplishments in operations of several multi-million dollar establishments. These assignments saw Vincent focusing on the success of his clients.  As the preeminent leader in our industry and being known as the five-star review company, we could not wait to get him through our door,” Data Age CEO Len Summa states. 

Within Data Age, Vincent will work closest with the customer success team on-site in Clearwater, Florida to assure customer satisfaction and success. He is most looking forward to “making an immediate impact, bringing a sense of urgency and accountability, and creating KPIs that will drive revenue growth and customer satisfaction.” He’s confident he will be able to see results from his efforts based on an extensive track record of success in other multi-million dollar establishments, more specifically having doubled a single company’s evaluation from $40 Million to $80 Million within four years, increasing both gross and net profits margins. “I bring an enormous amount of knowledge, expert level knowledge that can make an impact on operational efficiencies and revenue generation via world class customer service,” he shares. 

Vincent’s main goals for Data Age are to drive revenue while staying customer centric, increase the team's knowledge base through training and follow-up, and preaching the gospel of Data Age as an industry leader. “I look forward to watching our team thrive even further with Vincent’s expertise," says Len Summa, CEO.

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