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Things I Wish I Knew As A Young Pawnbroker

Using Text Messaging for the Holiday Season

Lidian Arias Appointed to HR Generalist

Cofounder Tom Streng Resumes As CEO of Data Age Business Systems

Marketing for the Holiday Season

How I Ran My Shop As A Former Pawnbroker

Tips From One Entrepreneur To Another

Your One-Stop Shop

My Week At Data Age

Seven Habits of Successful PawnBrokers

The Key to Driving Revenue

Marketing Your Shop Post Covid-19

Adversity in Business

Marketing Your Shop For Summer: Event Planning

PawnMaster Reveals New Brand Identity With Redesigned Logo And Website

Back to the Basics

Marketing Your Shop For Summer

Vincent Chiappone Appointed to Director of Customer Success & Logistics

Aged Inventory: Another Silent Killer

What I Would Tell My Younger Self: With Billy Booth

Reviews Matter: May Review Roundup

Business Done Right

Grow Your Loan Balance With These 4 Tips

World Class Customer Service - Beyond Service Lies The Gem

How eCommerce Can Grow Your Revenue

Introducing PawnMasterNation.Com

Be Different With Text Messaging

How I Got My Customers To Pay Off Their Loaned Items

Loan Growth Strategy

Owning Your Social Media Presence

Loan Balance Marketing

Adaptive Marketing, Part Four: Cost Optimization

The Age Of The Customer

Adaptive Marketing, Part Three: Data Driven

Adaptive Marketing, Part Two: Adaptive Planning

Robb LeBlanc Appointed To Director Of Mobile Communications

Adaptive Marketing: Understanding Your Customers & Markets

The Importance of Small Steps

Data Age eCommerce Clients Surpass $50 Million In Online Sales

On The Road With Len & Dave

What is the MLA?

Why You Need Text Messaging in 2021

"Be Better" This New Year

5 Tips For Planning In The New Year

Differentiation in Business

2020 A Year In Review, From the Desk of Len Summa

What I Would Tell My Younger Self: With Vanessa Gray

PawnMaster 360 Takes PawnMaster Nation Clients To New Heights

PawnMaster 360 Brings New Insights For PawnMaster Customers

The Impact of Social Media

Data Age Welcomes Game X Change To PawnMaster Nation

Marketing Matters

Leadership In Times Of Crisis

In the Pawn Shop: General VS. Specialty Stores

Data Age eCommerce Clients Surpass $45 Million In Online Sales

In the Pawn Shop: Your Best & Worst Deals, with Robb LeBlanc

What I Would Tell My Younger Self: With Dave Larson

How to Write a Business Plan for Pawn Shops

Guerrilla Warfare

What I Would Tell My Younger Self: With Len Summa

Data Age Welcomes The Castle To PawnMaster Nation, An 11-Store Chain

Why You Should Install Pawn Shop Software

How You Can Adapt to the Times Right Now

What I Would Tell My Younger Self

A PawnMaster Story, With Erin Kingsley

Why You Need to Train Your Employees

The Key to Excellent Customer Service

Word of Mouth is Not Enough

Jackie Garcia Appointed to Corporate Trainer

Brand Consistency And How to Achieve It

Data Age eCommerce Clients Surpass $42 Million In Online Sales

eCommerce Buyer/Seller Beware

The Right Layout = The Right Payout

Five Ways Pawnbrokers Do Themselves a Disservice

Tina Oleszewski Appointed to Project Administrator

The Benefits of Text Messaging

Anthony Parise Appointed to Technical Enterprise Account Manager

Dave Larson Appointed to Director of Global Sales

Data Age eCommerce Clients Top $40 Million in Online Sales

Goal Planning in Times of Uncertainty

Customer Service, Playing the Long Game

Technology to the Rescue

How the Product Protection Plan Benefits YOU

If You Don't Service Your Customers, Your Competition Will

Getting New Customers Is EASY If You Do This ONE CRITICAL THING

Attracting and Retaining Customers

Pawnbroker 20/20: Hiring and Keeping Talent

Corporate Reputation Management: 6 Strategies for Owners & Executives

Pawnbroker 20/20: Retail, It's a Mindset!

How Joey Leza Dramatically Increased his Profit Margins

Pawnbroker 20/20: Loan To Live

Didi Abdulnabi Named Director of Marketing for Data Age

Data Age Welcomes Onboard Check City, Full-Service 31-Store Chain

4 Signs Your Customer Service Strategy is Failing

Pawnbrokers 20/20 : If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

A Successful Holiday Season

The Value of Customer Relations

Guest Blog: Who's watching your POS?

Bill Brannan Named Director of Software Development for Data Age

Guest blog: No One Can Counterfeit an Elephant

Bill Booth Named Vice President of Product Development

Guest blog: Tips on Testing Jewelry Scrap Part 2

Guest blog: Tips on Testing Jewelry Scrap Part 1

Dave Larson named Director of Client Development for Data Age

Refiners vs. Smelters: The Benefits of Using an ACTUAL Refiner

Refining Matters: Focus on the Pawn Industry

Consultant Do's and Don'ts

Vanessa Gray named CFO for Data Age Business Systems

Nick Cramer Named Director of Technical Support for Data Age Business Systems

"I Ask for A Truce"- Behind the Scenes of the NPA

Data Age eCommerce Clients Top $30 Million in Online Sales

Turning One Sale into Another Part 2: Post Transaction

Turning One Sale into Another Part 1: Selling Process

Social Media Do's and Dont's

How Different Generations Search and Shop

Upcoming Changes to MLA Website

Guest blog: Family Business - Generation to Generation

Customer Service: Serving the Under Served

A Shout Out To Our Tech Support Team

Millennials... The next generation now

Art And Sales - Mastering Your Creativity

Data Age/PawnMaster Continues to Gain Competitive Market Share while Increasing Global Footprint

Millennial Spending Habits

Guest blog: Invest In Your Business

Customer Service is Always a Safe Bet

Guest blog: Leveraging For Success

Guest blog: The Ins and Outs of the Diamond Recovery Process

Behind the Counter: Hire, Train, and Retain

Data Age Business Systems Assembles the Industry's Largest .NET Team

Guest Blog: The Greatest Customer Acquisition Tool in the History of Small Business is HERE—Are YOU Using It?

Guest Blog: How We Reached 14,000 Local People for $3 on Facebook

Data Age eCommerce Clients Top $25 Million in Online Sales

Why Text Messaging?

Redefining Cloud Technology: PawnMaster Ignite

A Good First Impression

Refining Matters: Focus on the Pawn Industry

Adam Nunez named Lead Developer for Data Age Business Systems

Behind the Counter: Qualifying Customers

The DIXIE Pawnbrokers Trade Show 2019

Jessica Noval named Sales Operations Manager for Data Age Business Systems

Behind the Counter: Disgruntled Customers

The SMART Guide to Selling Your Pawn Shop

2018 - A Year in Review

Text Messaging: Opt-In Best Practices

What You Need To Know About Data Ownership

Data Age Business Systems' Users Reach $20 Million in Online Sales

The Extra Yard

The Power of Teamwork

The Importance of Being Present

My Goldenballs Memoirs: My Employee Incentives Include Crack Dip

The Lights Are Always On, and There's Always Someone Home

David vs. Goliath: What does a sustainable business model look like?

Gearing Up for Black Friday 2018

Social Media Marketing

Facebook: More Than Just A "Place for Friends"

Get the Most Out of e-foro

Simple Steps for Securing Your Systems

Giving Back - A Pawn USA

Workers Compensation: What You Need to Know

When Dealing with Insurance, Don't Come Up Short

What Happens to Your Scrap Jewelry After It Leaves Your Shop?

Feeling Trapped by Your Vendor?

How Important is Social Media Presence?

Data Age Business Systems Introduces PawnPortal Offering the Convenience of Payments, eCommerce and Loan Initiation from Anywhere

Data Age Business Systems Introduces the Pawn Industry’s First Social eCommerce Posting Tool

Make Facebook Work for You

New for 2018: Productivity Reports in PawnMaster

Data Age Business Systems Introduces TxTPay, the First Secure Mobile Payment Solution for Pawn Loans

Data Age Celebrates 30 Years of Innovation

Beyond the Shop: Encourage Layaway Sales

How to delete an employee from PawnMaster?

Beyond the Shop: Upsell

Beyond the Shop: Qualify Your Loans

What are Best Practices for Forfeiting Items?

Beyond the Shop: The Manager's Circle

You NEED A Facebook Business Page

How I price a certified coin at my counter?

“I salt my lots by throwing in Platinum to make sure my Refiner is honest.”

Webinar: 10 Things You Need to Know When Expanding Your Pawn Shop

The Secret Sauce is Service Excellence

What's Your Favorite PawnMaster Feature? Tonya Cardinali, Marketing

Investing in People, for People

PawnMaster or Just Ruler of My #goldenballs?

Beyond the Shop: Customer Loyalty Program

Have FUN with your Advertising

3 Beyond the Shop: Sales and Events

Wait before You Say, "Oh that.... Yeah We Throw that Away!"

2018 Florida Guns Law and Your PawnMaster Software

Beyond the Shop: Know Your Customers

How much are you really paying for your eCommerce software?

Clean Code

Success Is Never Owned

Beyond the Shop: Keep Your Store Clean and Organized

Are You Undervaluing these Coins?

Fraudulent Bullion Becoming More Sophisticated and Harder to Identify

Data Age Business Systems Expands their Development Team for Big Things in 2018

Top Gun Award

Filling the Knowledge Gap

Slash and Burn

Your Business Needs A Professional Website

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