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Customer Profile: American Family Pawn & Guns

Posted on 21 Jan 2017


Kevin Penrose, American Family Pawn & Guns, Powhatan, VA

Entrepreneur Kevin Penrose has been in the pawn industry for 25 years. American Family Pawn & Guns is his first solo venture, his shop has been open for five years in Powhatan, Virginia area where they sell and pawn a lot of guns.HubProfileImage-Kevin Penrose.pngThey’re doing a lot of pawns now because of the economic state that we’re in. Because of the increase in pawns, he needs a software company that makes the shop more efficient. That’s why he came to PawnMaster.


“The one thing that I really, really enjoyed was that PawnMaster gives you an option of two different types of programming software, you have your Classic and then you have your Ignite. And they’re two different base systems, some people feel more comfortable with a home base with a server right at their building versus having an offsite server using the cloud method. And with Bravo, you didn’t have a choice. You either went with one or you didn’t go at all. And it shows that PawnMaster has elevated themselves where they’re not forcing you to take one side, they’re giving you an option.”

Kevin Penrose


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