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Rachel Vaillancourt

Rachel joined Data Age Business Systems, Inc. during the holidays in 2018. Starting out as a front-desk receptionist, she quickly moved into her current position as Text Messaging Specialist in February of 2019. With nearly 10 years in customer service, Rachel works directly with PawnBrokers and Managers; striving to help the Pawn community reach their consumers by text while remaining compliant with the regulations of text messaging. With the laws ever-changing and evolving, Rachel is your go-to contact at Pawn Master for all your texting needs.

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Why You Need Text Messaging in 2021

Always be prepared! Any young boy in the scouts could tell you this, and yet as we grow up we replace preparedness with just taking life’s punches as they come.

The Key to Excellent Customer Service

Customer service is so much more than just “servicing” your customers. Anyone can just pick up the phone and ask “How can I help you?”. The manner in which you do this will make all the difference.

The Benefits of Text Messaging

PING! You just got a text from a local business you frequent. They are having a sale! 

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