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3 Beyond the Shop: Sales and Events

Posted on 30 Mar 2018

Another great way to move inventory is regular sales and events. Some times this don’t need to be anything more than getting a couple of flat tables out in your parking lot and putting some aged inventory out there, cook some hotdogs. What you have to do is redisplay the stuff, get it out of its usual resting place. Get it out in the parking lot where everybody is, get it repriced, put a big star burst on it with a sale tag. Give people a new reason to stop into your shop.

Corby Logue

Written by Corby Logue

Mr. Logue has over 30 years of experience in the pawn and collateral loan industry. He has held and operated almost every position the industry can offer including tenured positions at a strategic level in the sales, operations and acquisition lines of business. Before coming to Data Age Business Systems, Mr. Logue was the Chief Operations Officer at National Pawn and Jewelry, one of the largest privately owned chain pawn shops in the United States with 33 stores. Prior to that, Mr. Logue began his career with EZ Pawn, his family’s pawn shop, which grew from a privately owned, single-store operation to 225 publicly traded locations. He managed operations on the private side and lead the acquisitions team on the public side. Mr. Logue has an extensive business background and earned a degree in Communications from The University of Texas at Austin. Mr. Logue’s success and contribution to the pawn industry has gained him great respect and visibility which he will use to advance the success of other pawn shops.

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