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Data Age eCommerce Clients Surpass $50 Million In Online Sales

Posted on 08 Feb 2021

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Data Age Business Systems, developer of the industry’s leading pawn management software PawnMaster, is excited to announce yet another e-commerce milestone. Through the integrated e-commerce tool e4o, PawnMaster users have achieved over 50 million dollars in revenue from items sold online. 

With COVID-19 taking a toll on in-store sales across the country in 2020, listing items online is becoming less of a luxury and more of a necessity. PawnMaster’s e4o product allows users to list inventory items out for sale on multiple online channels, while still offering those items for sale in store. The convenience of e4o for PawnMaster customers starts with its integration into the PawnMaster software itself, which eliminates the complication of double sales. If an item is sold in-store, PawnMaster will pull it from the shop’s inventory and remove all other listings. If an item sells online, the same event occurs, and that item will be pulled from any other channel as well as in-store inventory. 

Since e4o gives shop owners the ability to expand their store inventory to more customers rather than limiting their exposure to solely in-store shoppers, it has proven to be incredibly impactful in today’s changing marketplace, bringing in well over 10 million dollars in revenue for 2020 alone. With COVID-19 still a concern for in-store retail shopping, online shopping has quickly become the best avenue for consumers. e4o has made this experience seamless not only for customers to shop at their favorite pawn and retail shops, but also for the PawnMaster customers who use e4o as well. 

E4o’s main differentiator from other e-commerce platforms on the market comes down to no revenue-sharing between the seller and PawnMaster. “That’s their revenue, it belongs in their pocket,” states Len Summa, Data Age/PawnMaster CEO. PawnMaster users pay a monthly subscription fee for their e4o service, which allows them to post items for sale on popular eCommerce channels like eBay, Amazon, Gunbroker, and their shop’s Facebook Business page. Utilizing these online powerhouses extends the sellers’ reach outside of their core markets without the fear of being undercut by local competition.

$50 million in revenue is a huge success for PawnMaster’s e4o customers, however PawnMaster does not intend to stop this growth anytime soon. “It’s critical in these changing times that we continue to help our customers bring in revenue to their shops,” Len Summa states, “e-commerce is another vital part of an overall business strategy for today's business owners. The team here at Data Age/PawnMaster enjoys seeing our customers’ e-commerce success and we look forward to watching their sales rise even more.”

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