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Data Age eCommerce Clients Top $30 Million in Online Sales

Posted on 17 Jul 2019


Data Age Business Systems, developer of the industry’s leading pawn management software PawnMaster, is excited to announce yet another e-commerce milestone. Through the integrated e-commerce tool e4o, PawnMaster users have achieved over 30 million dollars in revenue from items sold online.  PawnMaster’s e4o product allows users to list inventory items out for sale on multiple online channels, while still offering those items for sale in store.

The direct integration of e4o with PawnMaster eliminates the complication of double sales.  If an item is sold in-store, PawnMaster will pull it from the shop’s inventory and remove all other listings.  If an item sells online, the same event occurs, and that item will be pulled from any other channel as well as in-store inventory. The integration also provides a reporting platform with PawnMaster, giving business owners the information they need to operate a successful location. Reporting includes PayPal fees, shipping charges, eBay fees, etc. There is also the ability to process shipping labels, which makes the pawn management software a one-stop shop for selling in store or online. “PawnMaster’s e4o brings numerous revenue generating outlets to the pawnbroker by exposing the pawnbroker’s inventory to a much larger global audience, thus allowing the pawnbroker to increase their inventory turns.” states Len Summa, C.E.O. of Data Age Business Systems.


PawnMaster’s e4o integrates with many of the leading global e-commerce sites, such as Amazon, eBay, Facebook, and  Data Age Business Systems will be regularly adding more well-known e-commerce sites to the product suite and is proud to state they do no revenue-sharing through their e4o product.  PawnMaster’s e4o leverages the multibillion marketing efforts of these global brands to ensure PawnMaster customers’ products get maximum visibility to all of the e-commerce world.  Data Age works hard to ensure they are consistently contributing to the present and future success of their industry leading customer base.  “We take pride in helping our customers increase their revenues and we enjoy the day to day collaboration with them. Taking pride in what we do separates our products and services from any other vendor/product on the market.” States Len Summa.  Over the past 31 years Data Age has been the pre-eminent point of sales software provider to the collateral loan industry. They will continue to develop e4o as they expand into new integrations with leading online marketplaces like Shopify, Offerup, Etsy, Reverb, and more. “It is our anticipation that as we grow, our customers will grow with us.” States Len Summa.

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