Pawnbrokers are loving the new Janam scan gun for inventory management.

Posted on 03 Aug 2012
By admin

The new Janam Scan GunPawnbrokers are loving the new Janam scan gun for inventory management at their stores. Some of you may have discovered at the NPA Pawn Expo that we are using the new Janam scan gun. The Janam scan gun has a light, sleek, highly-functional form factor for intensive barcode scanning. Its unique, center-weighted ergonomics, with battery positioned in handle, make it feel remarkably light and balanced in the hand. The Janam will help make inventory management a breeze. Would you like to update your inventory to PawnMaster in real-time? The Janam scanner will cut down that tedious task and make it fun, while also allowing you to correct mis-binned items on the fly.

This is the tool that will cut down hours of frustration for you and your staff from manually updating items. Call one of our qualified industry specialists today for additional information 888-949-7296.



Written by admin

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