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PawnMaster Extends Technical Support Hours on Weekends

Posted on 16 Jun 2016


As the leading pawn shop management software provider, PawnMaster continues to organically grow in usage and popularity because of our decades of stability. We are pleased to be able to extend our office hours to the weekends. This would include the bolstering of our world-class client support teams and our business consulting teams.

Over the years our weekend support has been highly accredited but as we grow we continue to re-invest in our customers’ support and security for their business. Many issues arise unrelated to software (we call these T-90 calls). Our customers have to focus on their businesses and don’t have time to call outside IT help. We are well-known for helping customers in support of our own software but we’ve found the bulk of our calls relate to general issues that are common to any business like printer defaults, Windows upgrades, etc.

Anyone who has worked with me knows my top priority is providing exceptional service to our customers. We focus on every detail and business need. We are seeing a lot of instability in this industry right now and this is just one more way PawnMaster can be the settling force. PawnMaster is always investing in our customers; our customers are our sole focus. As we grow, we’re seeing a need to fully support them when their shops are in operation. We want them to take comfort in knowing we’re here for them in case they need us.

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Len Summa

Written by Len Summa

Len Summa joined Data Age Business Systems, Inc. in 2012 and currently serves as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Before becoming Data Age Business Systems’ CEO, Mr. Summa was Chief Operations Officer (COO) for four years. He has 26 years of experience in executive software solution sales and operational management for both early stage and well-established firms. Prior to his Data Age service, Mr. Summa was the General Manager of global sales and operations at Persystent Software, an industry-leading enterprise recovery software. Mr. Summa has also served as the Director of North American SMB sales and operations at, the preeminent software firm in the learning management space. Mr. Summa has a vast business and entrepreneurial background and was the co-founder of Lou Ferrigno/Fitness Showrooms, a highly successful retail and wholesale chain located throughout the Northeastern United States.

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