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Check out this AWESOME testimonial from our 8 store client Money Mizer!

Money Mizer Management, Inc.

Memphis Here We Come...

It is always a great pleasure for me to spend time with our clients. I have such respect for the operators in this industry and it brings me great pleasure in seeing them succeed. Today I had the pleasure of spending hours with one of our long time clients Gina & Josh Barkan. Gina and Josh have been using PawnMaster for 15 years. These guys are hard workers and they pride themselves on good business. Services and relationships is the name of their game and you can see this by the amount of traffic that comes through there doors. There shop is well received by the community. I enjoyed speaking with their team and getting valuable feedback from the trenches, which we always use to make ourselves better. I want to personally commend Gina & Josh with a Bravo! I also want to thank the entire PawnMaster family for their continued support. Twenty seven years of experience with almost three thousand clients that continually help us stay innovative. While so many other vendors struggle to attain long term growth, we pride ourselves on loyalty and history.

The Social Media Phenomenon - What you should know!

This months Client Corner comes from Chad McGhee, VP of Operations for CashWiz Holdings located in the Cayman Islands. Chad outlines the importance of including Facebook as part of your ongoing marketing strategy.

Posted on 05 Mar 2014

Client Corner: Listening to Employees Creates a Win-Win for this Pawnbroker

As in any operation, we’re always trying to maximize our performance. We began looking into employing "Think Tanks" (paid groups based on a specific income/demographic/age/gender criteria). Instead, we tapped our greatest resource, our staff.

Posted on 13 Feb 2014

Client Corner: Shift Marketing Strategy for 2014

La Estrella, a pawnshop located on the beautiful most southern Caribbean island of Aruba, has noticed the impact in the shift from the traditional (info based) marketing outlets of newspapers, yellow pages and radio to a more interactive, social media and digital marketing strategies.

Posted on 29 Jan 2014

Client Corner: The Multi-Store Pawnshop Solution

We began the transition from our old software to PawnMaster ten years ago. Currently we have 15 stores on our central server. We were quick to move our corporate stores onto PawnMaster. Our franchises were given notice of the transition. They were hesitant to give up the old software as they knew how to use it and liked the simplicity. It is human nature to resist change. They were not given an option. We stressed the importance of consistency with chain stores and the professional service of this new software.

Posted on 17 Jan 2014

The Pawn Shop

You have the idea. Maybe you have the experience. Maybe you watched "Pawn Stars" one too many times. You find a building, you start to envision the layout, the merchandise, the tons of money that you will make.

Posted on 07 Jan 2014

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