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My Goldenballs Memoirs: My Employee Incentives Include Crack Dip

According to my employees, I make crack dip. It’s really nothing crazy and I haven’t had a flavor that was ever considered disagreeable. My secret ingredient supplier is no longer around, so I have had to find alternate resources and blends, but without fail I’m still told that it's crack dip. So, you're wondering; how does dip equate to Employee Incentives?

May the Spirit of Halloween "Bewitch" You

Posted on 24 Oct 2017

Keeping Good Talent

No matter what business or industry you're in, retaining top sales talent or talent in general is always an on-going challenge. Investing a lot of time and resources to find, groom and mature top talent only to see them leave is an ongoing concern for many.  This is especially true for the small business owner. This topic caused me many sleepless nights when I was in business. I needed more sales people on the floor to handle the growth of the business. I needed good delivery people who know what the phrase "on time" means. If I wanted to grow, I no longer could be the best sales person and delivery person in the company. I needed to find good talent and committment to get me to the next level. Does this sound familiar?

Data Age Business Systems Named Finalist In 2017 Best Places to Work by Tampa Bay Business Journal

At Data Age, we talk a lot about culture. But what does that really mean? “Having a great culture” means different things to different people. For some people it’s opportunity, for other’s maybe it’s compensation, having great benefits, work environment, company values and stability, or feeling like they’re a part of something bigger.  

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