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Extraordinary Results Begin with One Small Change

I always liked the book 212 The Extra Degree. The video linked below is eye opening and very powerful. In the heat of the battle we call business we tend to get caught up in the moment as we do all we can to adhere to our core business values. This at times, seems easier said than done. Taking a breath in these moments and really understanding the little things you do in your business do add up. They may not immediately translate to tangible results but when you are in the people business they will translate over time. The little things which, when executed to precision in business can be the difference between being Good vs. Great (another great read by the way) 

Posted on 08 Sep 2016

Sales Spotlight: One Great Thing

If you have not read the book Good To Great by Jim Collins you really should.  The author speaks about how companies and people go from good to becoming great. One of the principals discussed is the Hedgehog principal. A Hedgehog is a very defensive critter. It does not employ offense and when threatened it rolls itself up in a ball and becomes impenetrable. This critter is the best at the world at this defense. In sales and as a company, before you move on to something else, make sure there is something you do great. Master this one great thing you do.  

Posted on 07 Sep 2016

Speak Your Truth

Once again, I'd like to sight a source I have strong roots to.  Good to Great by Jim Collins is a wonderful piece of work. Not only is it validated by many, it is driven by common sense. Staying silent to avoid a conflict or preserve your position can be damaging across the board. Great companies welcome open dialogue, where the end result promotes new ideas, new ways of doing things, and collaboration. Staying silent does no one any good. Mr. Collins talks about healthy debate without assigning blame. Speaking up does not mean lashing out and fostering negativity to drive your point.

Good vs. Great

Jim Collins' book Good to Great has been well read and well sighted for many years. The insight this book has brought to the business world has been well documented however, many companies don’t embrace some of the concepts this book has brought to light by countless years of studying "great" or highly successful companies.

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