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A Successful Holiday Season

For many of us, this is an exceptional time of year. A time that we all wait for, for a variety of reasons.

Gearing Up for Black Friday 2018

Hey y’all! Anyone who knows me over the years knows…. I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS!!!!  So I’m back again this year to talk about Black Friday and how it’s going to affect your business. I’m also sharing my Black Friday predictions as well as which stores will be open on Thanksgiving this year. There’s less than 50 days to Black Friday, so let’s get ready to kick off a slew of sales!

What is the difference between Black Friday, Cyber Monday & the newest Green Monday?

Each retail holiday has a different sales focal point from the others. As every business is vying for the sale of the season, they are kicking off earlier and running sales longer (called the Christmas Creep), sometimes up to 3 days before the actual sale day and a week after.

Need a Better Way to Reach Shoppers and Boost Sales this Holiday Season?

Text messaging can help. As a business owner, you must use every opportunity to communicate with your prospects, customers, and VIPs. Whether you send plain text messages or texts with hyperlinks directing your customers to a landing page of your choice, mobile marketing can attract more buyers throughout the holidays. What's your plan for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and even post-holiday retail sales?

A Pawnbroker Software That Will Make You "Love" the Holidays!!!

So you may be wondering, "how can a pawnbroker software make you "love" the holidays"? The answer is simple with PawnMaster pawnbroker software's mass inventory update feature. When those special occasions like Valentine's day come around you can quickly and efficiently use this feature to increase or decrease prices on entire categories of inventory. How nice is that when you have an overstock of items that are not moving as fast as you had hoped and a holiday is just around the corner to save the day. Use the mass inventory update and solve all your problems in one fell swoop. It will even print out all the labels for the selected items and then notify your customers of the special event sale. That is just another reason why PawnMaster is making it happen all over the world for pawn shop owners world wide

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