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What First Impression Are You Making?

“You only get one shot at making a first impression.” I’m sure we’ve all heard this statement over the course of our lives, from the time of our youth, to preparing to enter the workforce.

Sales Spotlight: Timing

Posted on 26 Oct 2016

Sales Spotlight: Two Kinds of Pressure

There are two types of pressure. There is pressure you feel and pressure you apply. Assuming we are constantly refining our trade, enhancing our knowledge and working smarter, applying pressure in a competitive opportunity boils down to proper positioning and differentiating yourself from the competition.

Sales Spotlight: "The Grind"... Sound Mind & Sound Bodies

Every sales team goes through up’s and down’s.  This can happen sporadically on a monthly basis, sometimes a weekly basis and even from an hour-to-hour basis.  It is very important to ensure you are always at your best. 

Posted on 05 Oct 2016

Sales Spotlight: Likeability

In every sales opportunity, no matter what industry you may be in, rapport and likeability is a must-have element if you want to make a sale. It's a simple fact; people buy from people they like. I have met so many talented sales people over the years and this plays directly into their success. If there was no charm, personality, rapport-building, or likeability as a part of their skill set, they never could reach The President's Club.

Posted on 28 Sep 2016

Sales Spotlight: Inside Sales, The Powerhouse of Sales

Inside sales has grown leaps and bounds over the years. There are no longer sideways jokes about inside sales, or the telemarketing stigmas that used to accompany this model. Inside sales is serious business and provides great flexibility to a company’s ability to not only secure new business, but allows them to effectively maintain a base of business while maximizing their marketing spends. Buying behaviors have changed dramatically over the past decade; the information a buyer needs is just one click away. A sound, well-planned strategy of how to utilize an inside sales team can elevate and greatly impact a company’s efforts to grow their business, properly service their customers, and avoid attrition.

Why Should they Buy from Me?

The article linked below is a good article on a number of fronts.  First off, “why” should the prospect buy from you is a good starting point for success.  From my point of view, here is the "why" we live and breathe here at Data Age.

Inside Sales is Public Speaking too

Believe it or not, whether you work inside sales our outside sales, we are all public speakers.  Every time you get on the telephone you are speaking to the public.  It is important you understand how best to do this.  The first step is to make sure you are prepared before every call.  You have a window of about 30-90 seconds when speaking to someone for the first time over the telephone.

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