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6 Things Everyone Should Know Before Going To A Pawn Shop

Have you ever wondered what to expect when going to visit a pawn shop? We do our best to not only educate our Pawnbrokers but we aim to inform the consumers as well. The National Pawnbrokers Association put out a great article below on the 6 Things Everyone Should Know Before Going To A Pawn Shop.

PawnMaster Tech Support Spotted in Rare Photo

Lately, we have been speaking highly about our wonderful team of PawnMaster Technical Support staff and wanted to give you an opportunity to see this hard working bunch. Most tech guys are shy when it comes to photo ops and in this rare photo, we are able to catch them all at once. These gents are the ones you talk with day in and day out when issues arise. We lead the industry when it comes to the amount of dedicated people handling tech issues and guidance. Our technical support group alone is larger than most other Pawn software company's entire staff. We take customer service seriously and understand that every minute your software is down, that is costing you money and time.

Police ask, PawnMaster delivers!

When the Police say they want help collecting more information most Pawnbrokers feel this is going to be more of a chore and take more time. Some would agree, but those elite Pawnbrokers who use PawnMaster pawn shop software would likely disagree. PawnMaster collects all of the data required for law enforcement agencies and then some. PawnMaster integrates with biometric fingerprint scanners that help clerks practically automate the process for them. With a few clicks of the button they can record fingerprints and update customers profile pictures in seconds. Those police files are then sent over in the format of preference to law enforcement including item description, pictures, etc. PawnMaster helps protect shop owners every way possible.

PawnMaster improves the way it educates its Pawnbrokers.

Data Age's PawnMaster continues to improve the way it educates the Pawnbrokers that utilize their software. PawnMaster is truly one of the few pawn shop software companies that updates and educates its custo-mer base on a regular basis. The "Did You Know" series of informational videos shows our Pawnbrokers how to get maximum usage out of the PawnMaster software. These videos are designed to be quick and helpful ways to use under utilized and lesser known features within the program. It is our goal as a company, to increase your awareness of helpful features and services that we offer inside our PawnMaster software. We want you to know about it so that your day will continue to be profitable. Have you been to our Youtube channel yet and discovered the handful of videos that we recently added? Click Here

Pawnbrokers are loving the new Janam scan gun for inventory management.

Pawnbrokers are loving the new Janam scan gun for inventory management at their stores. Some of you may have discovered at the NPA Pawn Expo that we are using the new Janam scan gun. The Janam scan gun has a light, sleek, highly-functional form factor for intensive barcode scanning. Its unique, center-weighted ergonomics, with battery positioned in handle, make it feel remarkably light and balanced in the hand. The Janam will help make inventory management a breeze. Would you like to update your inventory to PawnMaster in real-time? The Janam scanner will cut down that tedious task and make it fun, while also allowing you to correct mis-binned items on the fly.

Team Data Age makes history!!!

With the Olympics in full swing, and our athletes at the peak of their game, so was team Data Age, as they recorded the best July in company history. Every departments fired on all cylinders even with some of the team away at the NPA Pawn Expo. Helpful customer feedback, various marketing efforts, the NPA Pawn Expo, our Newsletter, and the launch of several new PawnMaster features were all contributing factors to our success. We hope to continue such success with our talented staff and keep this momentum going. Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen!

Data Age Business Systems Inc. Ranked in the Tampa Bay Fast 50!!!

Data age is proud to announce that we made the list of the top 50 fastest growing companies in the Tampa Bay area. Thank you to all of our customers who helped make this possible! The 50 fastest-growing companies in Tampa Bay were revealed in order at a luncheon on Thursday, July 19, with Merchandise Partners LLC in Tampa topping the list with close to 12,000 percent revenue growth from 2009 to 2011.

Rounding out the top five on the percentage growth list are Independent Financial Partners with 1,913 percent growth; TJR Global with 1,046 percent growth; Express Employment Professionals with 474 percent growth; and BlueGrace Logistics with 436 percent growth.

A secondary list ranked the top 10 companies based on dollar amount revenue growth.

Morgan Auto Group in Tampa came in at No. 1 on that list after recording more than $122 million in revenue growth since 2009.

Companies made the list based on revenue growth documented by CBIZ Kirkland Russ Murphy & Tapp, a public accounting firm based in Clearwater.

Congratulations to the 2012 Fast 50!

(listed in ranking order)

1. Merchandise Partners, LLC

2. Independent Financial Partners

3. TJR Global

4. Express Employment Professionals

5. BlueGrace Logistics

6. Franklin Street

7. Sentinel Screening

8. DiverseID Products of Florida LLC

9. Scherer Staffing LLC

10. ReliaQuest LLC

11. Stellar Development Inc.

12. The Fountain Group

13. Doctors Administrative Solutions, LLC

14. Hoye’s Pharmacy

15. Socius Marketing

16. Kemp & Ruge Law Group


18. LeeAnn Brown D.O., dba SpinePain & Orthopedic Injury Center

19. The Staffing Resource Group, Inc.

20. Harmony Home Health

21. Behavioral Consulting of Tampa Bay Inc.

22. MedPartners HIM

23. Web-Est LLC

24. First Class Moving Systems, Inc.

25. Squaremouth Inc.

26. Intelladon LLC

27. Modern Enterprise Solutions

28. Inc.

29. Bayshore Technologies Inc.

30. Calhoun International LLC

31. Mangrove Employer Services

32. Telovations

33. Architectural Product Sales Inc.

34. PowerChord Inc.

35. The Launch Pad

36. myMatrixx

37. NorthStar Bank

38. RAB Foundation Repair LLC

39. eBridge Solutions, Inc.

40. Mercury New Media

41. Data Age Business Systems Inc.

42. Proshred Security

43. DataComm Networks Incorporated

44. Morgan Auto Group LLC


46. AnswerFirst Communications

47. Bare Board Group Inc.

48. Bayshore Solutions

49. Norman and Company Inc.

50. Hivelocity Ventures Corp.

Posted on 31 Jul 2012

Pawn shop owners can now offer a Protection Plan through PawnMaster

Pawn shops owners can now offer a Protection Plan through the PawnMaster software with every item sold? If you are new to the PawnMaster family or maybe haven't seen some of the really cool new features that we showcased at the last NPA Pawn Expo in Las Vegas, Data Age's PawnMaster, now has the ability for Pawnbrokers everywhere to offer existing and cash customers, a protection plan. The plan can be set up on a dollar or percentage based rate and you then assign each Inventory item or category that the Protection Plan will be applicable to. How would you like to add an additional 5% or greater to your bottom for something you may currently be giving away for free or not doing at all. Increase your customer loyalty and peace of mind with this great add-on module. Our skilled Sales reps can use the ROI calculator to determine real numbers for you based off your own Management Dashboard report. Would this be something you offer in your shop? Leave a comment below.

Reality TV Good For Local Pawn Shops

Data Age has the industry leading Pawnbroker pawn shop software called PawnMaster. PawnMaster helps Pawnbrokers all over the world manage and operate their stores. Reality TV Good For Local Pawn Shops is holding true for our customer who can be seen on Cajun Pawn Stars opposite of their Vegas counter parts Pawn Stars. Below is a great article about how shows like these continue to boost our industry awareness and bring a positive impact.

28% of Americans have no emergency savings ...

The article below is a great example of the importance a Pawn shop has in the community. They don't specifically talk about Pawn shops nor Pawnbrokers but when Americans are strapped for cash and need a place to turn to for immediate financial needs, a Pawn shop is your best choice. Data Age and PawnMaster provide a majority of the Pawn Industry with the Pawnbroker pawn shop software needed to run their businesses efficiently.

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