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Business Spotlight: Proper Expectations

One of the main reasons a customer-vendor relationship can go sideways in a hurry is mis-aligned expectations set early on in the business relationship. Many companies have mission statements, brand promises, and mantras which seem to change way too often, but great companies stay the course and believe in their approaches. This is because they expend great amounts of time, energy, and resources planning to ensure they get it right, the first time. This starts with hearing the customer and listening to what the market is saying. This holds true, not only for the products they bring to the market, but also the approaches in which these products are brought to market and supported.

Posted on 30 Sep 2016

Every Loan is a Relationship

Every time a pawn shop writes a loan, a relationship begins.  Whether it’s for a new or returning customer, each loan is the start of a relationship with someone who will visit the store over and over, and whose experience will impact the success of the business. 

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