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The Extra Yard

In my previous life as a small business owner, this was always the time of year when I was heads down looking to crank out sales. Having a multiple store chain and selling straight retail, the holidays was where I made my mark. At the time, I didn't realize that the entire year leading up to the holiday season we were unconsciously making sure that we went the extra yard for our customers. This is always the correct approach when supplying and supporting a large customer base.

One Strike and You're Out

This industry consist of smart buyers who invest their mindshare on areas of great interest for themselves. What I would call the “quick-fix” and the “now” items that immediately impact them.

In a lot of cases software and technology sit outside of their strike zones. They may not be viewed as a top priority because the pawn broker has so many other things on their plate. In the many calls we have been receiving lately, several have been frantic as fear of the unknown creeps in.

The Worst Possible Outcome

There are three possible outcomes from a sales opportunity.

  1. A Win
  2. A Lose
  3. No Decision


Sales Spotlight: The initial call... get them warm

Let’s remember what is needed in every sale… Rapport.  You have to have it. Knowing this, why not ease into a sales call and warm up with pleasantries. Find some common ground. This is where a little research would help you.


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