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World Class Customer Service - Beyond Service Lies The Gem

When asked to write about excellence in customer service, I’ll admit, I was hesitant.  There are SO many blogs, tips, tricks & lists out there, it can make one’s head spin.

How eCommerce Can Grow Your Revenue

Many stores have been forced to develop new and inventive ways to achieve revenues during this pandemic. E-commerce has been the platform of choice, and frankly, allowed many brokers to continue to generate revenue while keeping store hours to a minimum. But was it worth it?

Introducing PawnMasterNation.Com

Data Age Business Systems, developer of the industry’s leading pawn management software PawnMaster, is excited to announce the launch of their latest community resource center for pawnbrokers, 

Be Different With Text Messaging

In most situations, when you continuously do something for a long period of time, it can lose it's luster. In order to keep others, in this case your customers, engaged with your business, you should change things up every so often. Let’s use text messaging for example.

How I Got My Customers To Pay Off Their Loaned Items

What is this text messaging stuff anyway? Yeah, everyone knows what texting is, and and we all use it every day, but have you ever thought about including your customers in your “friends list”?

Loan Growth Strategy

Income tax refunds, and yet another stimulus check. Are your loan balances down?

Owning Your Social Media Presence

When you’re interested in a product or looking for a service, what’s typically the first place you go? First, you might go to their website. Second? I’m willing to bet that you check out their Facebook or Instagram pages. 

Loan Balance Marketing

Here we are, its 2021. Now what? Loan balances are down, inventory is low, and stimulus checks, and tax refunds are right around the corner.

Adaptive Marketing, Part Four: Cost Optimization

So by now I think we can all agree that marketing and change have to occur on some level to be able to ebb and flow with the changing times.

The Age Of The Customer

I am sure we are all very busy, and we try very hard to continue to improve ourselves and our businesses. 

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