Your Business Needs A Professional Website

Posted on 30 Jan 2018

Your Business Needs A Professional Website

There is a large portion of the small business community that believes their business will not benefit from a professionally designed website or it is not within their budget. These misconceptions are doing harm to your small business. Below is food for thought on why your small business needs a professional website.

Are you looking to gain credibility? Having a professional website will get you that credibility. More consumers use the internet to search for products and services today than ever before. A professionally designed website gives your business that professional look that can ease the mind of a potential customer.

Providing information to your customers about your products and services can be time consuming and expensive. If you think of your website as a brochure or marketing collateral, you can provide lots of information to your customers and once it’s on the website its available 24/7/365.

Looking to expand your market? Having a professional website makes it possible to attract and target a wider area. An e-Commerce website is a great way to sell products to potential customers outside of your immediate market.

Want to provide an added value to your customers? Include content like articles, an FAQ page, or an online newsletter on your website to keep your customers up-to-date on industry matters.

Having a professional website can save you time. And after all, what is time? MONEY!

Eric Williams

Written by Eric Williams

Eric is a Marketing Manager at Data Age Business Systems. A senior-level graphic artist, Eric brings 20 years of high-quality digital, print ,and electronic production specialties to the team. With his background in design and advertising, Eric understands the ins-and-outs of promotion on both a corporate and small business level. As Data Age’s resident webmaster, Eric oversees the websites and online accounts for all of Data Age’s product lines. If you have questions regarding marketing for your shop, he can be reached at

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